10'1" #8 4-pcs Delgado

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A rod can have many faces, we used two types of setups when developing this rod.

Type 1 is traditional WF lines or shooting heads at 19-20 grams 9-10 meters. This is perfect for fishing with normal size flies both for overhead and underhand casting.

Type 2, we used underhand casting style (touch and go) but with short extra light (24-26 grams including tip) Skagit heads. This will make it easy to carry big bushy flies that you normally use when fishing with larger doublehand rods. Also, if you use sinking tips this type of line will make life easier.  A shorter leader is preferred for this kind of casts.

No matter the style the rod feels light and never gives up. Action type is to make long cast without tiring your wrists.  

Now with Delgado cork grip!